Wednesday, March 17, 2010

One thing I forgot - there is a Weereewa Festival of Lake George being celebrated between 18-28 March and included in this years "Winds of Change" is "Windwash" initiated project from the Megalo Print Studio Project - where we have had artists in the community and surrounding district printing tea towels to be hung across the lake and around venues in Bungendore. It is a fun project and Megalo had two days inviting artists to bring their artwork and have it exposed onto a screen printing screen and printed on to a tea towel, for a cost of $10. I volunteered to help on the two days lending a hand with the printing, and anything that needed doing. I went back to Megalo last week and printed my own tea towel. Here is a print of it and a copy of the original photograph.


Bev said...

love the tea towel's image

Sarah said...

I came across 'Windwash' in the recent issue of Textile Fibre and did a Google search to find out more. This is how I came across your blog--it looks great! I'm also new to blogging (my first post is uncannily similar to yours! I shall visit again.