Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Tree People

This is something I should have put in a month ago, but it was just before I left to go to Geelong and things as usual just got in the way.   I belong to an association called the ACT Textile Artists Association based in Canberra.    This year for our exhibition - it was decided to give it a theme - called the Garden Party and all things had to be made or reworked etc.   This was an idea by Sonia and Wilma so that all members would be involved.   Part of that was the making of the tree.   So as a sub group, we called ourselves the tree people and that included, Annie Bew, Jackie Hartley, Lyn Steele, Jenny White and myself.   We had meetings and got the tree started - we weren't sure how it was going to look and of course on the day things came together really well.   The photo shows us putting it up at the exhibition and some other photos I took of the exhibition.   It has now gone to reside in a local primary school library.   The exhibition was a great success.  We had members making tables, people, flowers, cakes etc and of course leaves.
The tree set up.

Jackie and Ola setting up the tree.
Textile tea  

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