Saturday, October 9, 2010

Workshop with Bob Adams

My friend Liz and I travelled down to Geelong Grammar where Glenys Mann was running Fibres Arts Geelong this year, as Janet (de Boer) was away on holiday.   Usually, it is run by TAFTA and called the Geelong Forum.   So it was slightly different this year.   It is a whole week of workshop/tutor talks and slides (although now Powerpoint), meeting old friends and making new ones and having fun.   All meals are provided as well as accommodation.   This year the less said about my accommodation the better.   I had nowhere to unpack any of my clothes as the 18yr old boy whose room I was in - this is one of Australia's most prestigious schools - had only cleared his desk top, every other space was filled with his clothes, books - there was no empty space in drawers or cupboards.  I just opened my suitcase and took what I needed out of that.  Of course none of that matters as once there you are busy doing your workshop - The workshop I was in was Bob Adams - he is from the US and is a quilter/dyer and discharger.   It was his workshop called Honourable Discharge that we did.   He is a terrific instructor, and we learnt well.  Our class was made up of 11 and everyone got on well - which is a real plus in a workshop. Here are some pics of our class and work.

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