Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The January School Holidays

I am lucky to have two of my three grandchildren stay with me during the long summer holidays and we all look forward to it.  Taylor is 10 and Jamie is 5.
This is Jamie on Christmas Day with his new Lego.   He didn't build it, his Mum and sister did - I think they got more fun out of that but Jamie is so happy with it.

This is Taylor and the cheeky face of Jamie.    Taylor in the top two is having fun on my Bernina 440  After making the teddy - she went through all the fancy stitches and had fun doing it.   The bottom one you can't actually see it but she has a baby duck.   These ducks - there were two walked into the yard and we could not find the mother, so we fed them until they were old enough to fly and off they went.   There is a pond down on one of the new housing estates and it has a few ducks on it, I am sure our two are there.

These are the ducks the top one is the size of them when they arrived and the bottom is just before they flew off.

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