Monday, March 4, 2013

BERNINA Embroidery Software 6 - Outline Design - Tool Tip 3


Snobahr said...

That's a nifty feature! Thank you for making the video tip!
Might you tell me how I can tell the software that I want the start/stop point of a specific shape to start somewhere OTHER than the default? I'm building my own appliques, and I haven't had much success with the two applique builders in Designer 6, so I've built a work-around:
1. Scan the shape
2. Have my husband or housemate auto-vector the cleaned up shape, in their version of Corel Draw!, and have them save it to Corel 14.0, so Bernina Designer 6 will read it.
3. Import the design into Designer.
4. Put a 3pt outline on the vector image, and a different color fill.
5. Convert vector to embroidery
6. Delete the 3 pt outline entirely
7. Change the fill to single outline (Color A).
8. Duplicate the outline, and change to different color (Color B).
9. Change Color B to Blanket stitch, setting it to Offset, width 0.05
10. Duplicate Color A, and change to Color C
11. Set Color C to Satin Stitch, width 0.07

The problem with this is that all three colors start their stitch-outs in the same place. It gets very messy under the hoop, and can be given to knotting up/breaking the thread. I can't for the life of me find/figure out how to have the stitches start in different parts on the different layers. Do you have a tutorial for that, that my google-fu failed to find?

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